Retail Strategies to Engage Shoppers and Drive In-Store Traffic

Ryan Wuerch

An accomplished entrepreneur, Ryan Wuerch is the founder and CEO of Dosh, a mobile application that offers cash back to customers and businesses. Responsible for all aspects of the company’s operation and strategic implementation, Ryan Wuerch founded Dosh to add value to the online and in-store shopping experience of customers.

While the online marketplace continues to prevail in offering convenience to shoppers, a recent study conducted by the National Retail Federation revealed that physical stores have retained the top position as the source of approximately 90 percent of the total retail purchases made in the United States.

To increase customer engagement and drive foot-store traffic to physical stores, Dosh shed light on the importance of geo-targeting. Geo-targeting is a marketing strategy to reach consumers based on their location, allowing retailers to offer targeted promotions and recommendations in real time.

Another way to motivate consumers to shop at retail stores is to integrate the brand’s values into the overall design of the stores. For instance, a retail store that sells children’s clothing can optimize the store by adding an indoor playground. Retailers can also offer incentives such as complimentary coffee and snacks to encourage shoppers to stay longer.

Shopping rewards also appeal to the majority of shoppers. With cashback apps like Dosh, retailers can give monetary rewards to shoppers who purchase from their stores.