Loyalty Program Features That Appeal to Younger Audiences

Fintech entrepreneur Ryan Wuerch is the CEO of DOSH, a cash-back mobile application that he founded in 2016. Under Ryan Wuerch’s direction, not only does DOSH offer an accessible cash-back program to US-based customers, but also provides retailers with a responsive customer loyalty program that appeals to younger demographics.

Gen Z and Millennial customers have strong preferences for loyalty programs that offer personalized rewards, intertwine online and in-store experiences, or feature premium options such as free or expedited delivery.

These cohorts are also far more comfortable providing personal information, such as shopping histories or their real-time location, in exchange for more personalized offers. Additionally, more than half of Millennials and nearly three-fourths of Gen Zs consider loyalty programs a key factor when choosing between brands.

Younger consumers also demand seamless reward earning and claiming processes. Companies can appeal to this need by eliminating offer expiration dates, coordinating with well-designed mobile apps such as DOSH, and offering automatic rewards or special deals to customers who enter their brick-and-mortar stores.