Dosh Encourages Employee Engagement

Dosh pic


Business executive Ryan Wuerch, a graduate of the University of Central Oklahoma, has been named Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst and Young two times. Since 2015, Ryan Wuerch has served as the chairman of Dosh, the company he founded, where he provides strategic business direction and executive oversight.

Dosh is an Austin, Texas-based financial technology firm that helps consumers earn cash back through an innovative smartphone app that securely links with connected credit or debit cards. The cash-back model encourages consumers to patronize participating merchants.

Dosh was recently featured in an article published in the American Statesman that named Dosh the top small employer in greater Austin. The company’s fast-paced and energetic culture was profiled, in addition to its commitment to its employees. Dosh hosts meetings each Thursday that allow staff to be involved in decision-making and propose their own ideas. Moreover, employees are encouraged to give their feedback and participate in lively debates on topics that include consumers, merchants, and financial transactions through the Dosh app.

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