Dosh Market Performance and Employee Confidence Growing

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A two-time Ernst & Young’s entrepreneur of the year recipient, Ryan Wuerch is a tech entrepreneur who founded Dosh in 2016 and has continued to serve as its CEO. Under the guidance of Ryan Wuerch, the consumer technology company has attracted top-level executives from companies like Google, Amazon, Nike, and PayPal. Its early success was recently profiled by the Austin American-Statesman, which ranked the company No. 1 among small employers on its 2018 Top Workplaces list.

Supplementing its list, the American-Statesman profiled Dosh and spoke to some of its employees in regard to what makes the company such an attractive place for employment. For starters, its rapid growth and market potential has inspired members of its staff. The cash-back digital platform has already secured a $44 million Series A investment and has given back in excess of $30 million to its nearly 2 million users. One of the company’s senior software developers told the American-Statesman that he plans to remain with the company until it reaches $10 billion in value.

Other employees lauded the company’s fast-paced style, as well as its consumer-oriented mission and collaborative culture. A sales director described Dosh as one of the best places she’s worked at and noted that she is selling a product which she truly believes has massive potential for return-on-investment. And, while the company is progressing at such a fast pace, it has also taken steps to alleviate any concerns regarding employee acclimation, as new workers are paired with mentors.

Leadership transparency is another reason employees cite Dosh as a great place to work. The company holds weekly meetings in which every individual has a chance to ask questions and voice their opinions.

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