Dosh’s Security Precautions


Dosh pic


In 2015, Ryan Wuerch founded the technology company Dosh, which launched an app providing cash back for purchases at partner businesses. As chairman and CEO, Ryan Wuerch provides strategic and management oversight to areas such as security. Many Dosh features are optimized to provide peace of mind for the end user.

As users connect their debit and credit cards with Dosh in order to provide its automatic cash back features, the app assures users that their financial data cannot be stolen. Dosh uses SSL encryption and other data safeguards to make sure app users’ financial information remains safe. Rather than directly store credit and banking information, Dosh tokenizes and vaults financial data through PayPal’s Braintree. It also makes use of multi-factor and two-factor authentication to ensure the app itself cannot be used maliciously.

With many concerned about how their personal information will be used, Dosh guarantees it will not sell personally identifiable information to third parties.