The Advantages of Booking Travel Using the Dosh App


Dosh pic


Experienced executive leader Ryan Wuerch is the chairman and founder of cashback app Dosh. In this position, Ryan Wuerch provides the Dosh team with management oversight and strategic vision. Using the app, individuals can receive immediate cashback deals on a variety of purchases, from clothes to travel expenses.

The Dosh cashback app offers frequent travelers a number of savings opportunities when they book through the app. First, users sync the app with a credit or debit card, at which point purchases immediately generate up to 10 percent cash back, and in some cases, more.

Travelers who link a travel rewards credit card, or any card, with the Dosh app receive valuable cashback deals on hotel bookings, dining out, and other common travel expenses. Furthermore, the Dosh app helps individuals achieve some of the most competitive nightly rates on the market.

While users can sync any card they wish with the Dosh app, linking up a travel rewards credit card allows users to accumulate both cashback deals and miles with every purchase.

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