Dosh Cash Back App Featured in Tracy’s New York Life Blog

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As the CEO, founder, and executive chairman of DOSH, Ryan Wuerch is responsible for its strategic vision. The company is behind a platform and app that helps businesses and consumers earn cash back on purchases. Dosh is a mobile application that went live in public beta in April 2017. Designed to maximize money spent by consumers, the application connects to debit and credit cards and automatically searches for relevant coupons and offers, then provides cash back. In addition, Dosh provides other services and features that include:

A streamlined cash back process that includes no UPC scanning, receipt documentation, mail-in rebates, or promo codes.
The ability to donate to charities or transfer cash earned to a bank account or PayPal directly from the application.
A hotel-booking service that ensures the lowest prices and provides additional cash back.
Marketing tools for businesses that include consumer data analytics and insights designed to increase customer loyalty and enable targeted advertising efforts.

The popular blog Tracy’s New York Life recently featured Ryan Wuerch’s Dosh mobile app and provided screenshots that revealed how it works and the cash back it generated on items such as Manhattan hotel rooms and the New York City PASS.

In the blog, Tracy Kaler describes her family members as coupon clippers and said she appreciates Dosh for allowing her to get cash back without the hassle of finding specific coupons, cutting them out, and remembering to use them.

Once people sign up with Dosh, they can take advantage of the platform by adding any credit cards and debit cards that they want. Each time a Dosh partner business registers a transaction, available offers are converted into cash that appears in the user’s Dosh wallet. The funds can ultimately be transferred into a user’s linked bank account.

Tracy Kaler said she uses Dosh to earn cash back when she shops at various businesses. She also mentions Dosh offers at Lord & Taylor, Nike, Macy’s, and Dean & Deluca. The amounts vary: the cash back generated from a single transaction could be $2 or $100, for instance.


Epiphany International Supports Water Access in Central Africa


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Epiphany International

Ryan Wuerch serves as the executive chairman and founder of Dosh, a mobile application that uses breakthrough technology to put money back into the hands of consumers and businesses by eliminating the unnecessary spend on advertising. Beyond his professional pursuits, Ryan Wuerch is actively involved in the nonprofit his grandfather founded in 1972 called Epiphany International. One of Epiphany International’s projects has been a partnership with Water for Good to create water wells for communities in Central African Republic (CAR).

In severely impoverished countries like CAR, access to clean water can contribute to lasting improvements in people’s lives and serve as the first step out of poverty. Access to water allows villages to focus on education, industry, and other initiatives that will help them become more prosperous. Water for Good addresses this issue by working with staff stationed in Central Africa to drill water wells that provide sustainable and clean water to war-torn CAR villages. A maintenance team visits the wells on a regular basis to conduct inspections, replace worn or broken parts, and perform any necessary repairs.

Water for Good’s initiative follows a multistep process, beginning with the establishment of a community committee in charge of overseeing the well and village water usage. The committee works with Water for Good to determine a well site and Water for Good drills the well. The nonprofit also holds community training classes that cover sanitation, nutrition, community health, and AIDS/HIV education. In addition, Water for Good teams help with the planning of other community development projects.

Recent Brands That Have Joined the Dosh Network

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Accomplished business executive Ryan Wuerch has nearly two decades of experience in the technology and telecom sector. In addition to serving as the CEO of tech firms Motricity and Solavei, Ryan Wuerch has experience as the founder and executive chairman of Dosh, his current post.

Dosh is a mobile application that eliminates wasteful spending by advertisers and finds cash-back deals for consumers. Following a private beta test, Dosh went live on April 25, 2017, and operates with the goal of helping consumers get the most out of every dollar. In addition to helping consumers get cash back, Dosh facilitates hotel bookings and travel activities for leisure and business travel.

Currently, the Dosh network includes more than 100,000 businesses and retailers, including Target, Walmart, Home Depot, and Hyatt hotels. Several additional companies have recently joined the Dosh network, including Forever 21, which hopes to enhance advertising efficiency, attract new customers, and improve the relationship with its existing customer base. Other recent additions to the network include Chuck E. Cheese’s and Hollister. For additional information on the Dosh application, visit

What Services Does the Michael Lisnow Respite Center Offer Families?


Michael Carter Lisnow Respite Center

Ryan Wuerch has successfully headed multiple prominent technology firms, such as Motricity and Solavei. Currently, Ryan Wuerch serves as the chairman of Dosh, a fintech company he founded, which has developed market-first technology that includes a consumer app, mobile wallet, and merchant platform integrating a cash back offers ecosystem easily utilized through secured credit and debit cards. Outside of work, he donates to several nonprofit organizations, including The Michael Carter Lisnow Respite Center. Located in Boston, Massachusetts, this organization offers their services to help caretakers receive the respite they need to provide the best care possible.

At the heart of its services is a Weekend Respite, which gives families one weekend per month off from caring for someone with complex medical needs or significant disability. This time is for relaxation and bonding. Respite time is critical for preventing caregiver burnout.

Families headed by elderly or single parents may be eligible for Monday and Tuesday Overnights, which provides two days of respite each week. Working parents can make use of the center’s afterschool care services, which focus on recreational and personal care. These services give parents a break and make them feel more capable of providing for their families.

Other services focus on the varying needs of particularly young or adult patients. The center also maintains several job sites that help individuals with disabilities train for a job and boost their self-confidence.

Explaining the DOSH Cash Back App

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DOSH Cash Back App

A veteran business executive, Ryan Wuerch has served in leadership positions for a range of companies, including mobile data services firm Moticity. Following his role as founder and CEO at Solavei, Ryan Wuerch is now the executive chairman and founder overseeing the launch of his new company, the DOSH mobile app, which offers users an easy way to claim cash back on everyday purchases.

Currently in public beta and available on both Google Play and Apple’s App Store, DOSH allows users to connect their debit and credit cards with the app. The app then automatically locates cash back offers on the purchases made using the connected cards so the user can receive cash back that he or she would not have received otherwise.

Convenience stands at the heart of the DOSH app, as it saves the user from going through the hassle of searching for promo codes and offers or scanning receipts into the app that would entitle them to cash back on purchases. Further, DOSH provides a hotel booking feature that offers great prices on the hotel as well as cash back for each night booked. This is ideal for business or leisure travelers, or really anyone searching for hotel rooms at a lower-than-market value.

Dosh cash-back app to launch with more than 100K businesses

Dosh is making its debut as retailers are struggling. Store closures are on pace to break a record this year, and the retail industry could be careening over a tipping point that it’s unlikely to rebound from. The industry could be undergoing a permanent restructuring as e-commerce continues to rise and eliminates the need for the surfeit of malls and shops that has been littering the U.S. retail landscape. With desperate retailers seeking digital answers to their difficulties, Dosh seems to be arriving at a good time to strike partnerships. It also appears to have done the legwork for potential partners by linking with credit card companies, giving them little reason not to try Dosh.


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Volunteer Opportunities at Boy Scouts of America

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Boy Scouts of America

The former chief executive officer of Motricity, Ryan Wuerch serves as the Executive Chairman of the Board and Founder of mobile app Dosh in Austin, Texas. Ryan Wuerch has established himself as a philanthropist and community service advocate, contributing to Boy Scouts of America in local leadership positions.

Boy Scouts of America relies on the support of 1.2 million adult volunteers nationwide, who provide mentoring and leadership to Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Venturers. Volunteer leaders teach Scouts about the principles of responsible, compassionate citizenship, drawing on their own experiences in a variety of fields. In addition to Boy Scout troops, volunteers can support events in their communities.

To become a volunteer with Boy Scouts of America, adult volunteers must complete courses in Scouting essentials and youth protection. After completing role-specific courses, volunteers can enhance their knowledge of specific skills such as first aid, roundtable planning, and podcast production. To learn more about volunteer opportunities at Boy Scouts of America, visit the official website at

Five Habits of Highly Effective Leaders

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Highly Effective Leaders

The founder of Motricity, a company that has worked with clients like AT&T, Verizon, and Telefonica in its capacity as a mobile data services provider, Ryan Wuerch now leads DOSH as founder and executive chairman. DOSH has created an app that enables users to get cash back from every day spending. The user first downloads the app and then adds their frequently used credit cards into the Dosh app, then, each time they go out to shop at a store, eat at a restaurant, fill up with gas, shop online or book travel, Dosh immediately searches over 100,000 merchants and brands to see if there is an available coupon, offer, or rebate.  If there is, Dosh converts it into cash and deposits it into the user’s Dosh wallet without the user having to do a thing.

Ryan Wuerch draws on his extensive leadership experience to guide the company. Common habits of effective leaders include:
1. Eating a nutritional breakfast, which provides the energy needed for the first few hours of the day.
2. Communicating with enthusiasm and positivity, which builds connections and motivates others to be more productive.
3. Demonstrating appreciation for the efforts of others, which can range from giving a simple thank you to offering incentives and rewards for high performance levels.
4. Exercising humility and self-awareness, which aids in recognizing the contributions of others and allows leaders to identify areas where they could improve.
5. Maintaining physical fitness to keep leader’s bodies in tune with their minds and ensure they have the energy needed to complete important tasks.